Body by Atila


Image of Body by Atila

After the acclaimed ‘V’ and a preceding series of EP’s ATILA comes back with his second full-length ‘Body’.
Miguel Béco exploration in dark electronics goes deeper and finer into pitch black. His work reaches both techno and power electronics, with a subtle flirt with black metal happening in the background.

‘Body’ speaks to us of a body without voice, a body that is sentient of himself and others in the cruelest way. It tells us a story that is dry and raw, almost lightless and of a clinical detail. It does not romanticize and with its brute honesty turns itself into a mechanical nightmare. Listening to body is like taking a walkthrough inside a horror movie, waiting for the next stab, the next gasp, or the next moment of relief, only to be sure that in the end, some demon is hovering above us.

After sharing stage with names such as Tim Hecker, Vessel, Gazelle Twin or WIFE, ATILA presents himself with his most intense, mature, and arrogant material up to date. ‘Body’ will have its premiere at the Bicefal festival, in Barcelona, alongside with acts like Kerridge, Cut Hands or Trepaneringsritualen, furthermore confirming its place of honor in the Portuguese electronics scene.

‘Body’ will be released in CD Digifile through Dissociated Records & Hið Myrka Man, K7 via Bisnaga Records and LP via Dissociated Records/Hið Myrka Man/Bestiarie.

Cd: 01.20.17
Vinyl: 04.28.17


BICEFAL 2016 (Barcelona - ES)